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About Us

Goin’ Postal is a chain of retail shipping & receiving stores with locations spanning the nation. Their locations offer consumers and businesses access to shipping carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, the United States Postal Service, etc. Goin’ Postal locations also offer a mix of other services such as copying, faxing, mailbox rentals, cards, unique gift items, finger printing, shredding, and office supplies among other things*. While Goin’ Postal is not affiliated with the United States Postal Service, its stores are a part of the Post Office’s Approved Shipper Program and are also considered Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies (CMRA) by offering mailbox services.

Founded by the Price Family in Zephyrhills, FL in 2002, Goin’ Postal quickly became a hit. That first location exceeded even the Price’s wildest expectations by turning a consistent profit within its first 2 years of operation, well ahead of their business plan projections. Fueled by their early success, they felt the logical next step was expansion by sharing that success and their systems with others. This led to franchising starting in early 2004. With their low initial franchise fee and flat-fee royalty system to differentiate them from the competition, they soon were listed among the industry leaders in retail shipping.

GoinPostal Team

Goin’ Postal, now a national chain with its established locations servicing communities nationwide over the last 20 years, continues to grow with new stores opening all the time.

Goin’ Postal’s parent company, GP Brands Inc. still resides in Zephyrhills, FL with its corporate headquarters overlooking the lake in Zephyr Park. Their dedicated staff continue to provide support and training from this location and their downtown corporate store.

*Stores are independently owned and operated. Services may vary.