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Goin' Postal Greensburg


1909 N. Greensburg Crossing
Greensburg, IN 47240






Monday: M - T 9:00 AM

Tuesday: M - T 9:00 AM

Wednesday: M - T 9:00 AM

Thursday: M - T 9:00 AM

Friday: M - T 9:00 AM

Saturday: Fri - Sat 9:00 AM

Sunday: Closed

Goin' Postal Greensburg, a local packing and shipping store conveniently located at 1909 N. Greensburg Crossing, is an authorized shipper for BOTH FedEx and UPS, and also offers freight shipping for bulky and heavy items, United States Postal Service/ Post Office services such as stamps sold at face value and Priority Mail, Media Mail, Certified Return Receipt Mail and More.

Goin' Postal offers cheerful and professional service, low shipping rates, and long hours without the long lines.

Other services and products include packing peanuts, tape, boxes, mailing tubes, and bubble wrap.

Services Available: UPS, FedEx, Packaging Supplies, Office Supplies, Gift Greeting Card, Post Office Services,

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